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what you say is more than i can say
what the fuck. two days ago i woke up with some serious lower back pain, like i had been lifting heavy objects improperly. yesterday i woke up, with mysterious bruises on my arm and left leg, and some omgwtf pain in my right knee. i currently feel like I am 90 years old, and I have no idea who or what kicked my ass. in my sleep. did my cat do it?

mood: sore sore
music: the advent - mononix

i desperately need to get a haircut. my usual technique is to buzz it short with my trusty clippers, but the slow retreat of my hairline has me considering other options. such as simply not cutting it for months at a time, giving me a very 1970s look at the moment.

i want a white russian. but as i wrote earlier, i am dieting. i picked up "the south beach diet dining guide" which should help eating out, since i rarely cook these days. some of the information was obvious, others not. i can eat all the sashimi i want, but this is not quite comforting since i can put away at least fifty dollars worth of sashimi before i feel full. but apparently a great deal of the dishes at india palace are south beach friendly. this is very good.

i leave for california on sunday 8/19, my all-day interview at google is monday, and i have all of tuesday to explore san francisco before i catch a plane back to kansas on wednesday. hopefully i'll get to hang out with some bay-area LJ buddies, and of course some quality time at the san fran record shops.
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they must have liked me over at Google because I just got an invitation for an in-person interview in Mountain View, CA. this trip will have all expenses paid for. woot!

i'm ready to get a job and move *now*, to hell with the last semester and writing my thesis. oh well....

mood: accomplished accomplished

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my cellphone's dictionary for sending text messages does not have the word 'bong' in it.

mood: drunk stoned

so my technical interview with Google is NEXT monday, not today. I have been blessed with another week to fret about it.

I saw two films recently; "300" and "Casino Royale." "300" was a spectacularly dumb movie that was nevertheless stunningly gorgeous to look at. "Casino Royale" was more rewarding; I have seen just about every James Bond movie created and I must say that "Casino Royale" is possibly the best one ever--it's right up there with "Goldfinger." Both movies reminded me that I really ought to start working out, and possibly revisit the South Beach Diet which worked so well last summer.

My restricted intake of World of Warcraft is working out quite well. Weekdays I can log on for a little bit before raids, and linger online for perhaps a half-hour after it is over. I have one day a week, Sunday, that I can play as long as I please. I have one day a week, Saturday, in which I can't play at all. As such, the consequences of this have been quite positive; I have been devoting much more time to mixing records, keeping my house clean, hanging out with friends, and otherwise being a more well-rounded individual.

I really would like to score a bag of dank nuggets, but all my pot sources have run dry. I must find some new ones.

mood: chipper chipper
music: laurent garnier - the man with the red face (svek remix)

Enough of this madness. I turned 30 recently, it is unseemly to pass my days taking bonghits and playing World of Warcraft all the damn time. Why did grad school have to be this damn easy? Anyway--they have this neat thing called Parental Controls. I set it to drastically reduce the hours I am allowed to log into the game, and entrusted the password (and the password to the e-mail account they send mail to if you forget your password) to my good buddy Estragon. He will simply laugh at me if I tell him to change it. My intake of online crack has been sharply reduced. I may be utterly lacking in self-discipline but at least I know my weaknesses.

Which is a good thing, as I have other priorities. In December I get my Master's Degree and will attempt to inflict myself upon the professional world. Who am I going to work for? Where shall I live? I feel myself being drawn to either the Bay Area in California or Chicago. Google, IBM, VMWare, Red Hat...need to send my resume to all the heavy-hitters. I want money, and nice clothes, and a nice place to live.

Couple of DJ gigs lined up this summer. At least 2 outdoor festivals, which are always a good time. I played at a festival in Missouri back in April, between all the beer and hallucinogenic mushrooms I barely remember the trip. Getting to fuck around and play records on a really really fucking loud system all day, and then do it again at night in front of people was narcotic...enough of these video games, I need to be DJing more. Seriously. Got a club gig in KC in July also courtesy of Nuro, last time I mixed records for him I had to be carried out of the venue. Those bloody vodkas and redbull!

I bitch about balding occasionally; looking in the mirror there are definite signs of a widow's peak. No loss in the back yet. Time is running out but I still look good. Except the weight gain. Lack of exercise is a bitch, ain't it? I bought this bicycle back in August, but stopped using it barely a month later since I started smoking cigarettes then. I kicked the habit but never started riding my bike--until, hmm...tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow I shall ride my bike to work. And work on my resume too--by the time age inevitably gets the best of me I plan to be rich.

I crave the company of women. A six-month break from being in a relationship was nice but enough of that too. Step 1: get a haircut.

mood: determined determined
music: viktor vaughn - mr. clean

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mood: giggly immature

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so much fucking warcraft omg

mood: hyper cract out

The World of Warcraft expansion comes out tomorrow. The local game shop is having a midnight opening, I have my copy reserved. The plan is to pick it up at 12:01 AM, then head to Lobos and Tuesday's house for an all-night session of bonghits and playing WoW.

I have been remarkably productive at work lately. I have been sleeping very well, so I typically get into work around 9:30 AM refreshed and ready to write some code. My boss is away in Costa Rica on some vacation, so Floyd (my friend and co-worker) and I have been uninterrupted by meetings. We also rearranged and cleaned our office, the room is much more spacious and dust bunnies dating from the late 80's were swept. In an act of defiance we reformatted our Fedora workstations (my boss' favorite distro) and put Ubuntu on them. We are nerds.

I regret that I have gained back 20 of the 30 pounds I lost in the fall. I have, however, not had any cigarettes in a month, and when the weather gets nicer I shall ride my bike to school rather than drive. I quit riding my bike around when I started smoking in earnest in September. Nevermore!

I think about jobs, and careers lately. I'd like to live in Chicago, or work at Google. I suppose that with a year left of grad school I need to start making inquiries and sending out resumes. That, or chicken out and stay at KU to get a Ph.D.

Note to self: clean the kitchen, there is something horrible and organic-smelling festering in the sink, and last night i thought i saw it move.

Current Location: ITTC
music: pink floyd - echoes

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on my 27th birthday i quit smoking after 12 years. around august of this year i started again; i was dating a smoker and recidivism was almost inevitable. smoking sucks. soon after i started i couldn't sleep at night. all of last semester i had an incredibly jacked-up sleep cycle and i hated it.

i quit again right before christmas. i haven't had a cig in 3 weeks and i can sleep again! i've been getting up early too; i generally get out of bed around 7:30 ready to go. beats sleeping until noon and still feeling tired.

mood: accomplished accomplished

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mood: geeky geeky

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i fly home to Kansas tomorrow. it occurs to me that i didn't write down where i parked my car at the Kansas City International economy parking lot.

mood: worried worried

i'm up in vermont at my parents' house so i have a lot of spare time in front of the fireplace with my laptop.

it's nice here. i want to write something, but i'm not sure what.

Current Location: vermont
mood: content content

two weeks later, and only with hours to spare before i leave for Vermont, i found my cellphone. it was in my carnivorous living room couch. it must have slipped out of my pocket some afternoon when i was taking an afternoon cat-nap. this was the second time i looked in the couch; it was lodged deep within its digestive system. additional booty included my other set of keys, several lighters, and a small bud which i promptly smoked in celebration.

on an impulse about a week ago i picked up a paperback of stephen king's "cell", which is a novel about a worldwide cellphone 'pulse' that scrambles people's brains and turns them into ravenous flesh-eating zombies. the only people spared were the ones who did not own phones, or had them lost with a dead battery somewhere. this pleased me immensely. still, i'm happy to have my phone back.

i download TV shows a lot. during the last few weeks of school i managed to watch all three seasons of 'Lost'. i'm currently working on 'The Sopranos'. i need to get out more.

mood: tired tired

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, tyrantlizard sent to me...
Twelve raves drumming
Eleven transformers piping
Ten cats a-reading
Nine blunts networking
Eight limits a-cooking
Seven records a-sleeping
Six gadgets a-camping
Five ki-i-i-ind buds
Four theoretical physics
Three discrete mathematics
Two miles davis
...and a slashdot in a game theory.
Get your own Twelve Days:

mood: amused amused

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school's almost out. 1 of 2 final projects is done. tomorrow i think i will spend the day at Aimee's Coffeeshop with my trusty powerbook until it is done.

my house is a mess, i haven't seen my cellphone in a week, and i'm behind paying bills. i feel listless and apathetic. in other words, things are just like they are every other year at finals week. a month-long break is ahead, i look forward to it.

as usual i'm taking off for vermont next week to spend xmas with the fam. an unusually long stay; 14 days. i intended 10, but we had to extend my trip to get a good deal on airfare. i made arrangements for Gromit to be looked after, and i suppose i'll be getting some work done while i am away.

three and a half years ago i quit smoking cigarettes. three months ago i started again. my extended vacation at my parents' house will be a great opportunity to kick the habit. let's hope i can follow through.

i am not sure what to do about my other major vice, world of warcraft. it's a time sink, and i neglect my other hobbies. truth be told, i neglect more than just my hobbies, although i still more or less get by. i also quite enjoy it, and the expansion pack is coming soon. i have to think about this some more.

i need to find some rube to go see 'apocalypto' with me. apparently the film is chock full of disembowelings, eviscerations, beheadings, live heart extractions, flayings, and other violations of the human body. i feel the inexplicable urge to go see this. diollatevi told me that he scored a sack of weed the other day, perhaps he will be a candidate. if not, firebird for sure would go.

mood: apathetic apathetic
music: guido schneider - rundata

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woahCollapse )

i should write in this thing, i used to all the time.

mood: blah blah
music: sleeparchive

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mood: jubilant jubilant

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